Groundhog Day - again

 I loved this movie! Remember? Bill Murray, a TV weather reporter who dreads his assignment covering the yearly Punxsutawney Groundhog Day event in Pennsylvania. Just when he thinks he’s finished with Punxsutawney Phil and his pesky shadow, he wakes to find himself repeating the same day again. And yet. Every day he wakes up at 6 am, screaming the same song, "I Got You, Babe." The day was played exactly as it did the day. Exactly the same.

Like me, do you ever feel like you are trapped in your own personal Groundhog Day?  
I wash the same dishes every day, I yell the same demands “get up, don’t be late, iron your clothes, that does not match, clean your room, study” about the same time everyday, I ask daily that they eat their vegetables, take their vitamins and brush their teeth, and pick up their underwear off the ground, and not use every drop of hot water while showering, and stop arguing, and lift the seat for Goodness sake, and yes you DO have to shower every day, and look both ways, say please and thank you. Its always the same. THE SAME. Everyday.
In some ways there’s a certain comfort in it all. I know there is for my children. By nature, kids crave a predictable rhythm and army issued schedules. They need that routine. I need routine.  And who am I kidding – the guarantee that I will see my three wild things at 2:30 everyday is comforting . The same sights home, the same backseat arguments, the same 20 questions and my sweet husband a 5:00.  Dinner served by 6:00, bedtime by 8:00. The predictable sameness, it’s comforting and wonderful and something I thank God for everyday. Instead of a trap, it's more like my reward... for me being trapped!
Its Groundhog day. 
Happy Groundhog day to you 
And a Happy Groundhog day to me!

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