my birthday

My '29' again birthday highlights
  • I received a beautiful bunch of flowers from Thanks Keltner family, what a neat idea!
  • My girls made a delicious chocolate birthday cake. Then begged to eat it for breakfast.
  • Again, Anna Katherine was not happy that I claimed to still be celebrating my '29th' birthday. "Mom, why do you lie about your age.' Stressing the word lie. I loved her card.
  • I enjoyed a great lunch date with the women in my family. My sister brought back old memories when she spilled her drink almost in my lap. She's the original 'baby spills a lot'
  • My 1972 birthday card was a hit. My kids loved reading all the happening of my birth year. A TV was only $229 (what a bargain), never mind the average family only made $500 per month.
  • Jeff brought home another Freeman's Bakery birthday cake.... delicious
  • I got a manicure... first one in about five years. It was so nice and to the tune of $12, I might just get hooked! The Vietnamese guy snickered when I requested, "short with clear coat - please."
  • My neighbor surprised me with a plate of my favorite cookies.... Lady Fingers. Selfishly, I ate them all!
  • One of my favorite gifts... of all time was a cross keychain. Bennett created this from nails and wire. His own creation... I will cherish forever!
  • I got my very own iPad. {big smile} It was very clear at Christmas, Jeff was not going to share his!  These things are so incredibly cool.
How did I ever feel loved before Facebook?  Receiving hundreds of sweet birthday wishes. It was just great!

By choice, I am not a big drinker... just a few drinks per year. A new incredible restaurant opened downtown and everyone raving about the margaritas. It's my birthday, I'll have one... I had two... oh me oh my, I was reminded why I choose to not drink. Mary Claire blew out my candles. Didn't want to ignite that delicious cake!  
The Smoak Family gift was a huge hit! Look how creative! I opened their  gift at church and wow, what a conversation piece. I almost hate to unwind it for the cash! I have a feeling this may turn into the 'lunch money wreath.'
Thanks to all my friends and family for a wonderful birthday! I'm going toenjoy my last year of being 'thirty something'. 
*Cornelia* said...

first of all happy birthday to you

and thanks for your nice comment on my scrapblog

I love your photography so much, wish people like you woulndt live so far away from here.


belowblueskies said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I had no idea but I'm glad it was a great day for you and your family!

Stef said...

Happy Birthday! That cross is really cool. And how great that it was made by someone you love.

Jo said...

What a coincidence, I turned 29 {again} this year too ;)
Sounds like you had a fabulous birthday celebration!


Brantley said...

Happy birthday, Heidi! Looks like you had a wonderful day!

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