my blind date

Have you ever met someone you instantly adored? Last week I had the best blind date I've had in 21 years.  My husband and I met on a blind date (set up by my mother, how weird is that!) I'm a believer in blind dates. 

Last week I had a blind date... a buddy-blind date. Set up by my friend, Pam.  

We have known Pam and Don for years. They attend our church, sing in the choir, Jeff and Don are kindred spirits. They are two of our favorite people. And, let me just say... Pam is my mother's age and looks darn good! Here she is with her three daughter-in-laws... Can you pick her out?
For years Pam has been telling me I really needed to meet her daughter-in-law, Melissa; "She is just the cutest thing...She love photography and is amazingly creative. You would love her."  

Years went by, life is busy.....

Then one day while sitting in the carpool line, random blog hopping, I came across a fabulous blog. A graphic designer who was redecorating a ranch type house. I love those blogs! The TV kind, where amazing decorators transform an older ranch homes into a trend-setting paradise. Her blog was filled with recipes and decorating tips. I had no idea who this person was, I honestly thought she was a famous blogger. Like the 'Pioneer Woman'.  Look at that face... who wouldn't?
I left a comment.
One hour later she sent me an email. This was Pam's daughter-in-law. How crazy was that!? In that huge world of bloggers, this was her blog.
Pam called me, excited that we had met... even if it was in the blog world. Pam had a great idea. As a birthday gift to Melissa, Pam wanted to give her the gift of an experience. 

How sweet is that! And I got to be the gift!  Pam set us up for on a 'play-date'...lunch and photography. Melissa lives a few hours aways, she drove down  for the day. We talked photography, decorating, thrift store finds, beauty tips, blogging..... we talked and talked, non-stop for six hours!  Plus,  we squeezed in a personal photo shoot!
 Pam was right. I just love this girl! 
We are scheduling our second date! 

Brantley said...

Melissa & I were on the young professionals board for Harvest Hope together...before she moved up to Spartanburg. She is so sweet and cute!

The Manager of Many said...

i have never seen so many good abs in one shot!!!! thx for making me throw up this afternoon. ;-)
great story!!! i had a similar "small world" encounter just the other day. i can't wait to check out her blog!
enjoy the pretty weekend, friend!

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