official diagnosis

{H1-N1}  a.k.a.         {The Flu}
And, I do not use this term lightly. A nose swab confirmed we have all had the flu. Mary Claire was hit the hardest, loosing weight and missing almost two weeks of school. With the amount of make-up work she has accumulated, we're thinking it may be faster just for her to just repeat the first grade! 
Charlie, our dog, has soaked up all the laying around lazy time. He's a cuddlier and a warm body and a blanket is his idea of dog heaven.
But, it's finally almost over, everyone is feeling better, thank God. This is my first official case of the flu and it was as bad as described. Winter break starts Friday. {yea! Just what we need... more together} We had a ski trip planned. But it has been officially canceled! Bennett is so disappointed. I know cold weather can't make you sick, but spending the day in the cold wind, with a family that is still coughing doesn't sound like much of a vacation. I told the kids we need to do some spring cleaning instead! {wink}

A few pictures from our last ski trip.   {Snowshoe West Virginia}

 My favorite picture from the trip... my little hooch on her way to the pool!

clare said...

I had a sweet weiner dog named Charlie too! I hope you are all feeling better.

The Manager of Many said...

dang!!! well wishes, my friend! i'll email you some chicken soup ;-)

bevy said...

Hope you are able to enjoy Winter Break!!!

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