Sarah Anne

This is my girl...she's really not mine, but she should be. We tried and tried for that 4th child. I'm convinced this is her, she just lives with my sister.
 If I had ever wondered how much sassy spunk God could pack into one little person, after meeting Sarah Anne, I wondered no more. She is as sweet as she is sassy! 
She is 100% her own little person. A leader no doubt! 
We look so forward to her visits. Her uncle Jeff adores her because her energy level reminds us so much of Anna Katherine. She is either on (full speed) or offShe gives her big cousin Bennett a run for his money. At times I think that 6ft boy is scared of her. She's my kind of girl!
She is four seriously going on sixteen.
Sarah Anne and Mary Claire love each other to pieces. But they can sometimes resemble oil and water vinegar and baking soda.. Two Indian Chiefs in one tribe. Even though Mary Claire is older, taller, probably stronger, their battles are fought on even playing fields. I often wonder what the husbands of these two will be like.
As sassy as she can be, Sarah Anne is sweet to the core! Kind, caring, loving and I call her mine. If I only had a bottle made of bullet proof glass, I'd  bottle this one up and keep her little forever.  

bevy said...

She is a blond version of my niece "Crazy Caroline"!

Jo said...

She is adorable! Sounds like she may have you around her little pinky as well :)


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