ten pounds

My girl has lost TEN pounds since January first! 
I struggled with my weight... at almost Anna Katherine's exact age. I remember it was quite painful. I was picked on. Thank God she claims she is not. More hurtful than being picked on about your weight, is watching your child struggle with her own weight.  Body image and teenagers are a very delicate issue! Instead of talking about being 'fat' or 'thin', we talked about getting healthy.  
It wasn't easy.... emotions ran high at times. Our main goal was simple:  Calories, every single one counts and exercise, it's mandatory. We followed the Weight Watchers plan. (I love it!) 
 We set realistic goals.... and we are all very proud!

Auralee said...

So proud of Anna Katherine!!!!!

Brantley said...

Way to go! She is so beautiful!

Tara said...

Way to go Anna Katherine...I think you're beautiful inside and out...and I thought that before January 1st too!

Jo said...

What a great accomplishment!
Anna Katherine, you should be SO proud of yourself for setting a goal to become healthier ... and doing it!
You are a beautiful young lady :)


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