It was a beautiful Valentine's Day in the South, almost 80 degrees and gorgeous! I started my Valentine's day  looking so forward to a visit with another man I couldn't stand myself... My dentist.  

Remember my dentist visit (last week) The one I was bragging about.... I was so fearless and brave (all while sedated) Well, that's what I get for bragging!  Right after that post, my temporary crowns developed an ugly life of their own. I have never had a tooth ache. I spent my Valentine's morning begging my dentist to shoot me... put me out of my misery! Turn on the drill, bring out the big shots, DO SOMETHING!  Things happen for a reason. I never thought I would be so eager to visit the dentist.  Enough wallowing in self pity.. it's been a rough couple of months for a normally very healthy family!
I love my kids excitement when they know there's a little treat downstairs waiting for them! It also helps them spring out of bed an extra 30 minutes earlier than normal. I love their homemade cards... I couldn't love anything more than I love these! This is the beautiful hand-made card from Anna Katherine.
My child with the love language of gifts, made precious Valentine's for almost every child in the 6th grade. She wrapped up candy Rolos with a note, "I like the way you ROLL"
Anna Katherine's own little gifts she made and delivered to the nursing home.

Mary Claire decided she needed  Valentine's day off  (like she hasn't already been out of school for two weeks)  After bee-bobbing around all morning, secretly scarfing down about a pound of chocolate, on top of her breakfast, she threw up at school. Thirty minutes after dropping her off, she was on her way back home. She felt fine. She actually felt great!
I'm so in love with my little vases from Target. I think they may just have found a permanent place in my kitchen window!
On the husband front. He is such a sweet guy, almost always! This year (and every Valentines)  he so proudly brings home the usual Victoria's Secret bag. But this year, instead of the fun stuff... I was surprised to find, he got me a really nice state of the art padded bra. (???) Sorta like an overweight wife getting a treadmill for Valentine's Day. 

I had to laugh!   

Poor guy... He honestly meant really-really well. And, I would have loved it...  if it had fit. He didn't  realize Victoria's Secret doesn't even carry my size.  In that department, I'm special order all the way!  Maybe I'll exchange it today for the fun stuff...
bevy said...

That padded bra tale is too funny! I would KILL my husband I'd he got me a treadmill!!

belowblueskies said...

I almost bought those same vases but Scott told me I didn't need them. They look so cute in your window though that I think I might have to go try to find them while he's at work.

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