weekend what-nots

Mary Claire worked the circuit. Birthday party circuit that is. Girlfriend loves a party! Good thing, because this is birthday party number eleven... since January first! (twelve if you count the party on Monday)  This weekend from the looks of her, she 'partied hard.' After two hours in the bounce house, she looked like a hot mess; no hair-bow, no shoes and dirty. (the sign of a great party)
Grown ups night out. We enjoyed the Ducks Unlimited banquet with two of our favorites, Shannon and Alan. Thanks for letting us sit amongst the rich and famous.
(felt kind of strange, us out on a Saturday night,  at a wedding venue, with our husbands and not working!) 
Fast forward to Sunday afternoon:
In the country, a rare Sunday knock at the door means company. Today,  panic accompanied a knock. My house was a mess. Typical Sunday afternoon mess, newspaper scattered, blankets, pillows littered everywhere, art creations covered the bar, and an entire load of dishes in the sink.  OH NO!

 It was my sweet neighbor stopping by to say hello. OH NO! The second she walked in the door I started apologizing!  "Oh my goodness, my house is such a mess." 

And, she agreed. She agreed with me. You're not supposed to agree. No matter how messy. Never agree!  

Thirty minutes after our visit, my house was spic and span.  How come the threat of visitors can always send me into warp speed cleaning mode?
This weekend I saw an example of poor sportsmanship. On a high school / middle school T-shirt.  Created by a neighboring school, about our school. For some reason it struck a nerve! (And, some days  don't have too many of these guys left left!) I am probably overreacting. We see similar shirts on the college level... But for kids? Kids who live in a close knit community. Kids going to 'Christian Schools.' Have adults turned a blind eye to poor sportsmanship? Creating it? Aren't 'we' adults supposed to model the type of behavior we want our children to emulate? These kids are friends...not enemies. There’s a fine line between being competitive and being mean.                          Classified : MEAN

Goodnight my friends!  I replaced my morning cup pot of coffee with A little Valium, a tiny blue sleeping pill and soon a big cup of Versed.  It's 7am and I'm checking out for the remainder of the day. Maybe two days.  I'm off for a six hour nap in the dentist chair. Hello Mr. Dentist and goodbye sensitive teeth!  When I wake up, I'm ready for a double scoop of freezing cold ice cream chased by a super hot cup of coffee!

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