Bennett's Permit and the DMV

The time has come for my son to get his driving permit. I am armed and ready to be completely, utterly emotional and sentimental. Bring on the Kleenex, my baby is growing up. My kids have the day off, my son has studied the driving manual. It’s a perfect day to head to the DMV. (or so I thought)

10:00 we head to the DMV. Only 15 minutes away. The parking lot is almost empty. That’s a 
fantastic sign! DMV offices are infamous for long lines! Inside, almost all of the 30 or so chairs are empty. (wonderful) We are prepared. We have been warned, “Have your documents ready.” Birth Certificate {check} Social Security Card {check} Proof of residency {he’s 15. I bring his boaters license.}

10:15 We are told his proof of residency is not sufficient. Go home and get a report card. No problem. Their report cards are online. I quickly print two. Bennett fills the paper work out as we drive. It's a sweet sentimental day.
11:00 We return. The parking lot is slowly filling, but still fairly empty. Still plenty of empty seats. We are called to the counter... Still unacceptable. They claim, this is not a report card. I point to his name, his address and the word report card. THIS is a report card. Sorry, they say... Unaccaeptable. A bank statement will do, a car insurance card, if it has your name on it, a phone, gas or electric bill. HE IS 15 years old. He (obviously) doesn’t own an insured car, drive, own a phone or pay for his own electricityOn the verge of losing my patience, we return home. Scramble though documents that show evidence of residency. We find formal SAT scores, a school tuition invoice on letterhead, boater lisence and hunter safety certification.

11:40 We return, praying to pass muster. The place is filling up. 

12:00 We are told this is still unsatisfactory. I looked shocked. Give me a break! I have ALL the major documents. My patience is thinning to the point of exhaustion. We are told to return with his bank statement.

12:30 We return with his current bank statement. The parking lot is FULL, few empty seats and one counter open. I's lunch time. The time I was so desperately trying to avoid.

12:40 Because it is a savings bond account”, we are again told this is unacceptable. “You have got to be kidding me. Seriously, is this place run by a group of sadists?" Tears of frustration were welling in my eyes. If I were a whale, you would be hearing, "there she blows." The clerk, the manager and assistant manager are finally satisfied... they have brought a grown woman to tears. They accept the fact my sons lives at our address and remind me... they are doing me an enormous favor. 

12:50 Back in lineTime to take the vision test. He realizes he has forgotten his glasses. They are in the car. His vision is getting worse by the day. He almost... and I mean almost fails. I breath a huge sigh of relief.

1:00 My Jimmy Neutron is finally in the testing room. It's happening... sniff-sniff...The girls are silently cheering him on!

1:10 He passes with flying colors. He flashes a thumbs up.

1:20 He doesn't smile for his picture. The laminator machine breaks. We wait, imagine that.  My girls are finally melting down. 
He had been practicing his signature, He wasn't sure which one he wanted to use. {smile}
1:40 The Graves have left the building. Bennett has HIS license. We feel like DMV war veterans.
1:45 Bennett pulls out of the parking lot. I am now fighting back tears. I can't believe he is driving. 
He is driving us to the cell phone company. We are activating Anna Katherine a new phone. And that's a whole other story... along the same lines. Later that day we find out he has strep throat. The Poor guy!
linda said...

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Jo said...

Congratulations on this milestone!!! It is so bittersweet.

I feel your PAIN as I too have a similar story. I don't understand why the DMV makes it SO difficult and with such an attitude added in for fun ~ ugh!

Hope Bennett is feeling better and the rest of you don’t get strep ~ tis the season ;)


Casey @ Classic with a Pop said...

Heidi, I just found your blog and love it! I passed on a "Stylish Blogger" award to you, and wanted to let you know! See my blog at for details!

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