camouflauged attack

See this picture? A cereal bowl left on the table, the milk hardening as we speak and the Rice Krispies sticking to the sides better than any superglued object on the face of the earth. Scientists should coat the bottom of the space shuttle with milky Rice Krispies!
It is slowly driving me  insane.
I've only said, "Rinse your bowl... rinse your bowl... rinse your bowl!"  approximately 214 times this year. And, it's March. Obviously I am saying this only to hear myself speak. It's not only my kids... my husband is guilty, too!

 I think it is a well camouflauged attack against me!

Have you ever tried removing hardened Rice Krispies from the side of a bowl? It take tools and it takes forever! I keep promising, no more Rice Krispies! Soon my family will have me running for the hills while screaming incomprehensible orders over and over...  rinse your {beep} bowl!


DawnW said...

Rice krispies DO become cemented to the cereal bowls with milk!! I go through the same thing with my boys and now when I see rice krispies, I feel like I start getting edgy!!! The kids love them, but they HAVE TO RINSE THEIR BOWLS! HA!!

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