feeding an army

Well, very close to feeding a small army. An army of 15year old boys that could eat their weight in brownies, boiled peanuts and BBQ sandwiches!  The boys tried their best to avoid the dozen or so screaming females running around the yard, "If we do not acknowledge them, they do not exist." The girls were trying their best to annoy them. Mom's biggest fear was a boy-girl 'Polaris drive by shooting'  The boys finally disappeared in the woods, only emerging to eat.

 FEAR the GEAR! Per Seth's mom, "It all in the dress." They enjoy preparing, dressing, planning and teaming as much as playing war. I must say, these guys are very safety conscious. Remember, my Jimmy Neutron could could one day run OSHA. He's knows his safety and he is a rule enforcer.

 Music to my ears; I picked up Bennett's friends and they immediately asked, "Mrs. Graves are we going to take more pictures today." The very thing my own son tries to avoid!

It was a great weekend of celebrating, picture taking, yard working, shooting, bubble blowing, worshiping, shopping, cooking, cleaning, and eating! Now for some DETOXING. My big plans for the week; Three Day Diet. It starts today.

clare said...

I love the pictures in your header. Such a cute family and I have a super soft spot for wiener dogs!

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