Southern girls wear big hair bows... it's a common sight... it's a Southern fact. It almost needs no explanation. "Any southern girl worth her grits, spends her formative years with a bow on her head." The bigger the better.  
Years ago, I got a call from Mary Claire's preschool. Blood shed in the sandbox. She cut her head and was bleeding. In a nutshell; She had been hit in the head (by another child) with a sand shovel. Directly on top of her hair-bow. The clip dug into her head, and was pouring blood. I knew,  the smallest head wounds bleed like crazy... despite knowing this, the amount of blood still sent me quietly into panic mode!  

With a towel on my tots head, rushing out of the door to the ER... the school director stopped me, "Well, she doesn't need to wear  hair-bows to preschool, the clip did this." 

I smiled, bit my tongue (hard)... "Ohhh, so the reason my child is crying and cover in dried blood is the hair-bows fault. Not the shovel to the head. How silly of me, I should have known better."   
 Our two hour visit to the ER resulted in three stitches.  

 That night I replaced this knife like clip;
With this sweet guy;
 Just the best thing! The bows do not move, they are more comfortable, last forever and are less likely to draw blood. So now, as soon as I buy new hair-bows, I immediately replace the clips.

  Training your southern girls to keep a bow in... it's  simple.  
 With the first sight of hair... wearing a bow  was not an optionplain and simple. You must say please and thank you, brush your teeth, wipe your behind, say your prayers, clip your nails, take a bath everyday, seat-belts and wear a hair-bow.  plain and simple. 

Love of the bow can go all the way through elementary school. That's what I call commitment! Anna Katherine on her 5th grade field trip.
Back in the day, I used to make many of my hair-bows. Check out this  great link for a step-by-step tutorial in making the perfect bow:

Brantley said...

Love those bow-heads!

Steph said...

LOVE hair bows! My daughter had tons! After elementary school she, or course, didn't want to wear them anymore, but lately has started wearing grosgrain ribbons around her ponytail! I am loving it! And she is in the 8th grade now!
Love your blog! Your photos are fantastic!
I had some neighbors at our lake house that used to go to Wilson Hall!

jen said...

I think I have some Southern blood in me. As a child my mother always put bows in my hair. . . They are the first thing I bought when I found out I was having a girl. Luckily my one and only girl likes to wear them. I wish more of her friends did as well.

bevy said...

Of course she had a bow on at preschool! I hope you took your daughter out of that teacher's class immediately!

I went to Converse (in Spartanburg) in the late 80s-early 90s and we were the biggest "bow-heads" you could imagine! With pearls and cut off men's Duck Head shorts, of course...

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