birthday and a mess

Happy Birthday Honey. We have our share of birthdays between February and April! Yesterday was Honey's. The kids (with a little help) made her a cupcake tree. They were so proud. 
 I love birthdays!  So, I always try to make birthdays a big deal. We couldn't take Honey to lunch, so a Fresh Market lunch to go was the best we could do. We plan to (really) celebrate with my sister this weekend.
Fast Forward to Wednesday night:
Wednesday nights are always crazy. We usually get home from church around 8:00, which is little kids bedtime. It's bath and bed - quickly.

This Wednesday, Bennett invited a school friend to our youth group. Love her and love her family. When we pulled in the driveway, the friend's mom was waiting. I love visiting with this mother, we could talk for hours, just love her.. But as I invited her inside, I had a moment of panic.

Remember my neighbors comment... agreeing my house was a mess. I like order, I strive for order everyday. The first part of each morning is hurrying to get my house in complete order... only to have it undone in the afternoon. On this day, I had not been home all day. My kids and husband were there without me for a couple hours. 

This could be bad. I was having flash backs.

I held my breath... and walked inside. Wheew! Thank goodness. Except for dishes in the sink, it would do.  
That is until I walked her out the front door. Here's what she found.

Crumbs and cupcake wrappers.
OK... not all so bad. Still victory.
Then we found this. Now look at this. Just look at this! Did someone hover over the hallway table and  slowly eat eight chocolate eggs? Then just leave the wrapper? OR did someone clean out their pockets? The closet trash can is just steps away. This was pretty bad.
DARN those little crumb crunchers! They better be glad they are so cute! No victory dance tonight!
clare said...

Truly, nothing drives me crazier then the kids leaving wrappers all over the place. Especially in the family room where they aren't supposed to have food. I finally said to them last week. "If you know you aren't supposed to eat in here could you at least try to hide the evidence by throwing it in the trash?"

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