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My mom called us six times yesterday. She had read the Israeli newspapers, and the seriousness of the situation sank in. Not serious enough  for her to jump on the next flight out of there. But, enough for her to understand. She felt awful that we had worried. Not awful enough for her to jump on the next flight out of there. 

All day my sister and I kept thinking about "the woman." The 59 year old who was killed. Today we now know her name was Mary Jean Gardner. She was a Bible translator, studying Hebrew. 

The emergency room nurses in Jerusalem had given us more details than would have ever been allowed in the US. We knew the doctors tried to save her for two hours before she died. We knew she did not have a wallet or a purse. We knew the nurses were surprised no one had come to claim her. Like baggage at an airport. She lay unclaimed in a foreign country, all alone. We felt so sorry this person we had never met. We prayed for her family.

Now a few pictures that make me smile:
My big guy enjoying a hot wheel. I had to snap this picture fast!
My sweet girl very first thing in the morning.
Two girlies playing basketball with freshly painted nails.
Simple ideas paired with great marketing can still produce millionaires. Squeankies are all the rage!
Not sure what the story is here. But, I smiled when I saw it.  The metal baseball bat worries me. 
Taking a bad picture of my brother-in-law is a sure guarantee to make me smile. Usually belly laugh.
Giving his all organic baby a diet coke also warms my heart. This boy loves me, can't you tell!
My niece looking up my skirt. She is a card!
Here's a bushel of smiles... Knowing our mother is safe and sound... at least for now. She has a 14 days left of her 'war zone' vacation.

Carolyn said...

I had not read your post about your Mom going on her "vacation" - glad to know that she is safe. I will pray for her during these next 14 days. Thank you for the sweet note on Facebook regarding Dean's Mom. I agree with you that there was a lot of smiling going on in Heaven.

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