my grill

"You're so sweet, you gave my grill a toothache!"
Ya gotta love the Juicy Fruit ap! Monday, I finished up the last round of my new grill. (crowns that is) Through the versed induced sleep, I dreamed of waking up with a golden ghetto smile! The appointment went great, all six hours. I vaguely remember Monday. I vaguely remember Tuesday.

What I do remember is:

  • I am still a dentist's worst nightmare 
  • Talking to a nurse about pictures right as the versed kicked in... not sure where we left off in that conversation 
  • The shots. Wasn't quite asleep. Ouch-ouch-double ouch! But, I was too sedated to flinch. (isn't there a horror film along those lines?)
  • Waking up, groggy, asking the nurses to "call my ride"  (???call my ride????)
  • My sister picking me up 
  • I veered into a wall, people laughed, my sister took my arm
  • Her minivan being strangely quiet
  • My house being strangely loud
  • Mary Claire cartwheeling across the living room floor. My mouth felt every beat
  • Waking up around 11pm. Watching an episode of Modern Family
  • Eating chicken and mashed potatoes
  • Having crazy dreams. (Pain killer side effect)
  • Waking back up at 6am 
  • Trying to analyze those crazy dreams 
  • Somewhat getting the kids ready for school. I only laid eyes on one of them
  • Going back to bed
  • My sweet husband coming back home to bring me a McDonald's diet coke and telling me to stay in bed all day (that's a good man, after all it was just a dentist appointment!)
  • Finally, completely waking up at 10 am,  24 hours later. My dentist knows his sedation!

  • Again, owning the fact that I am a complete and total wimp  when it comes to visiting the dentist!

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