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Quick update on my mother 
You may have heard, she is vacationing in the middle east. After our scare, she is contacting us regularly. She is sad to report, with only a week left, she has yet to locate Osama Bin Laden. However, Honey promises to pursue every smoking backpack and leave no cave un-searched. 

Since last week's bus bombing, Israel has raised the threat level.  Unlike the United States (5) level color coded advisory system,

the threat level system in the middle east is much simpler. It consists of only two levels...

The Weekend; Jeff and I enjoyed a quick anniversary weekend  getaway. Our children were spread in three different directions. Mary Claire had a wonderful time staying with her cousins. Bennett started his first job and got a taste of working on the weekends.

Anna Katherine enjoyed a fabulous weekend at D-Now (DISCIPLE NOW).
The kids enjoyed large church meetings  and smaller in-home sessions. Her host home was with a sweet family in town.

The following pictures are from Anna Katherine's camera:
The makeover
Sunday night, it felt so good to finally have everyone under one roof. It was still cold and rainy. We piled up blankets and watched a marathon of Myth Busters. This is the view from my bedroom window. Just looks like nap taking weather.
One last picture... to prove sometimes my kids do ask for pictures. Sunday night, we did what we always do when the cupboards are almost bare... It's breakfast for dinner! Almost always, we have eggs, grits and some kind of meat in the freezer. Mary Claire loves to help and loves to dress the part, hence the apron.  

 While cooking she asked, "Aren't you going to take my picture?" So I did. (smile)

bevy said...

Love your cute - and BRAVE mom! I know you can't wait for her to come back home...

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