snakes and facials

Babysitting my nieces is always a pleasureAnna Katherine, my personal event planner, had the night planned out! First on the list... facials.

 Mary Claire's mask had dried... "If I smile, my face will crack!"
Liza was being camera shy, imagine that! A case of sensory overload, I do believe. That can occur when visiting this institution! I was finally able to beg and plead for one picture!
The masks were drying... the girls were getting down right silly! Who knew a $1 bottle of face mask could elicit so many giggles! At least the cucumbers did not go to waste! Next up... pedicures (Sadly I didn't get a picture of the multi colored tiny toes.)
Then, immediately after bath time, right before the pedicures, the girls got tsee Bennett kill a snake... with his air-soft gun. (It's always an adventure out here on the Graves redneck plantation!) If you know how we Southerners respond to snakes, it's never pretty! This one... definitely a copperhead waiting to attack and kill my children... or so we claim - wink!

bevy said...

I think I like your first pictures the best! Snakes.... scary!

Brantley said...

Aren't all snakes copperheads?!? :)

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