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WooHoo! Last week I was selected by Classic with a Pop  to receive a Stylish Blog award! Thank you! I was so excited to share my new badge... until I read the part where you had to list seven things about yourself... OK, that could be hard... I'm pretty plain Jane, definitely far from captivating. I thought about just making a 'middle school list'  - My favorite color is yellow - I live in SC - I like cats - I run - I love doughnuts. Pretty lame and I was tempted. I was at a loss.

After much thought and too much time, I throw in the towel. Here's my list... prepare to be wowed {wink}

1. I'm a lottery winner, with my family that is. My husband, the one thing I've done right the first time! My kids... my greatest source of laughter, joy, heartache and entertainment.

2. I am often impatient... which means I am a lousy house painter.

3. I can cook. But, I do not enjoy cooking. Unless the recipe is 500 calories per bite and oozy, gooey, dripping with sweetness... I consider cooking a chore.  "Eat to Live, not Live to Eat." That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

4. Multi-tasking is my super power.

5. I graduated from high school at 16, college at 19, master's degree by 21, married at 23, first baby at 24... whew, I'm not quite 40, but think I may be eligible for retirement!

6. Stylish?  I have remarkably little. I know what I like to wear, I do not change with the wind. My staples; flats, plain T-shirts, pearls, cardigans and collared shirts.... not exactly runway style, but thank you!

7. My life is far from perfect, but so-so good. I've been immensely blessed.

Huge sigh of relief... Now I can add this cute little badge to my side bar and stop worrying  about how to make my lame self sound intriguing.

I would also like to pass the along the award. Check out some of my favorite reads. These guys keep me company when my chores are done and I'm chilling with my feet up. I know some  personally, but I feel like I personally know them all.

 Check them out;

Last, but not least... three young ladies who have started blogging early, as in before children! They will be so happy they did!

The Breezy Life 
Casey @ Classic with a Pop said...

Great post Heidi! Love it! And as to #6...classic is ALWAYS stylish! At least that's what I tell myself :)

Auralee said...

How flattering! Thanks so much Heidi. BTW - I think you're always so stylish - and look great at doing it!!!

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