yellow chair

With spring here I was looking for a few new studio props. I hit the junk stores, crossing my fingers for something with color.

 It was my lucky day, I found several things! I am especially in love with this guy. I found him at our local Habitat for Humanity Store. For $25! I couldn't resist. Yellow happens to be my favorite color and props do not have to be perfect. For $25, I'd take a chance!
Lots of cleaning!
Lots of scrubbing! 
Prepping to paint
I knew my limitations, I am a horrible painter!  My husband on the other hand is meticulous.
Not perfect. 
But just perfect for pictures!

Auralee said...

what a great find and transformation!

Auralee said...

what a great find and transformation!!!

Sam said...

love the chair, but really LOVE the black and white fabric behind it!

jen said...

Just catching up on all my blogs and I am so glad your mom is alright. She sounds like one adventurous lady.
I just love what you did to that chair. It's clear you have a talent for that kind of thing. I would not even no where to start with a transformation. Yellow happens to be one of my favorite colors as well!

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