and that is a crazy lady

Tuesday morning I awoke from dreams of horse gates, doggie doors and bongo drums. Apparently still nursing my (anger) wounds.  My husband and his Spanish accent was a quick remedy. He quoted  Nacho Libre, one of my favorite movies! 

"And that is crazy lady"

  I spent a lot of time replaying my neighbor's irrational words. I also spent a lot of time in prayer. Jesus made it clear, "Forgiveness is not easy." I wish I easily forgave. I wish I naturally overflowed with forgiveness and mercy when people were rude and nasty.  I am trying. Christian forgiveness (this time) will be a process. 

Enough whining from me.... Here are a few funny pictures from our Spring Break. The things parents will do for a natural smile.

"Smile for the camera"
And that too, "is a crazy lady!"

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