{carolina CuP}

I knew it would happen... eventually. 
A wedding on the day of The Carolina Cup. 
So while I was photographing these beautiful people...
And listening to beautiful music sang by my handsome man...
My own little beautiful people were enjoying a glorious day at The Carolina Cup. Such a treat,  last year it was freezing.

The following photographs were take by Bennett and Anna Katherine. They made their mother proud!
No broken bones this year!
Bennett wowed me with these pictures.
 This Cup year, my kiddos were living large. They went with our friends who had VIP seating and Lexus tent passes.
 No porta potties for this year. VIP potties have real ladies, handing you real towels! Per Anna Katherine, "It was crazy clean!"
A gentleman... keeping the wind from blowing off her hat. 

Auralee said...

LOVE AK's outfit!!! So sorry hubby and you couldn't go but looks like the kids had fun for both of you.

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