It's been a wild week. But I must say, I do love busy. Crazy busy weeks like this remind me how much I love my job. Meeting new people,  irresistible Easter outfits and playing with photographing  children... 
I love it!

The wild weather has also made for an interesting week...summer days, winter days,  thunder storms, hail storms... geez!

During super busy weeks, my family pulls up the slack.
Dinner is: Don't ask  Don't tell

Don't ask what we are having and don't tell anyone the amount of artificial preservatives your mom has allowed you to eat! We eat food normally not served at dinnertime. This week Anna Katherine fixed  a 'school lunch' themed dinner. Except my kids reminded me they don't even eat like that at school. "We have Chick-fil-a. Mary Claire commented, "Mom, nothing on my plate is homemade." It's hot, be thankful! Next week we will be in a "vegetables only detox."

Our spring break is right around the corner. Knowing THIS is only days away... keeps the whining and complaining to a minimum.
Until then... a few more crazy days.

jen said...

Can I just say how much I love those bunny pictures. Wish you lived in my neck of the woods!
I too like being busy. Love the don't ask don't tell policy. Very clever. I think I will try that tonight. HA!

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