Easter Sunday

It could not have been a more wonderful Easter day. We started our day celebrating our Risen Savior. All together, in church.
Then off to our house for dinner, fellowship and egg hunting. There was plenty of family.
 (Honey and PaPa Gene)
(Mr. Smoak and my favorite nieces)
(PaPa Gene's children, DeLaine and Reggie)
(My sister and her award winning mother-in-law.)
 (Bennett and Honey. He coined her name and loves her to pieces!)

There was plenty of love to go around and grandkids waiting their turn load up.
Jeff did his thing. 
Entertaining with song. 
Stephen did his thing. 
Entertaining with his irresistible charm.  
Then came the egg hunt. My big kids put a spin on 'hiding' eggs. Not taking into account the hunters are all under three feet.
 Mary Claire was so easy to spot. She was the only little girl not sporting golden blonde hair.
The rabbits got tons of love! 
Roger was not so sure. He preferred the dog.

Jennifer said...

Beautiful pictures and a lovely blog!

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