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We  had a wonderful Spring Break... and I emphasize the word break, because that is exactly what it was. We knocked it down a few gears and just chilled and enjoyed each other. Our big kids seemed scattered at times, each begging for independence and wanting to do their own thing. This was a new feeling.

Bennett did a whole lot of this...
He fished the from the shore, the docks, the marsh and the boat. For  a week he smelled mostly like fish and bait. Not to our surprise, he couldn't get enough.
Daddy did a whole lot of this...
Taking the boat is always a little a lot of work. Jeff fiddled, fixed, researched and tweaked the entire week. 
Mary Claire did a whole lot of this...
Well she tried to. She hopped on her  bike every chance she could get. But, after our first ride together, dodging traffic at every turn, I came to the conclusion that  riding bikes with Mary Claire was as safe a riding with a fearless teen age squirrel. All that care free pedaling on our dead end road left her fast and fearless.
 Anna Katherine did a whole lot of this...
She tried to ditch her family at every turn. OK, an exaggeration. Wilson Hall's spring break was a week off from most schools. We met up with so many families, coaches, teachers, friends. It was a highlight of our trip. Edisto is very popular beach. Two of Anna Katherine's best friends were only a mile away. They pedaled, slept over, sunned, ate, shopped, giggled.... had a great time. I can't wait to share some of the pictures from her camera.
What did I do?
Absolutely everything else. {smile} I planned, cooked, ran the bank, nursed sunburns, bathed, disciplined...  OK, everything is a slight exaggeration, so I will say most everything else. Isn't that what mom's do? But, I loved it.

I also enjoyed taking (a couple thousand) pictures, reading and just dumping my brain and watching my precious family. Minus the few 'brokens'... broken laptop, broken clothes dryer, broken boat hub and broken dishwasher... it was  utter perfection.
I love taking the boat to the beach. I LOVE IT! I can't imagine a beach trip without sunset marsh rides, seeing dolphins only feet away and exploring every unexplored island. {More on that to come. One exploration shaved a couple years off my husband's life. } 
 The girls loved collecting and piling up treasures. Mary Claire wanted to take home every smelly, squirmy creature she found. But remember, I am not a fan of hermit crabs.
 We did keep these big guys. The girls found four huge conchs. No worry, they were uninhabited.
 It was also chilly! Day one, sent me shopping for hoodies and sweatshirts. Sometimes I wonder exactly how much pain my kids feel. The chill did not stop my kids from swimming in the freezing ocean.
 Anna Katherine finally started to enjoy the boat. Somewhere along her mere 12 years, she has seen all episodes of JAWS. This trip, she was her daddy's first mate.

 More pictures to come... imagine that. {smile}

Courtney said...

Fabulous pictures of course! Looks like a wonderful break:)

Jo said...

Sounds like the perfect break! Those shells are amazing. Your photos are always so delightful.

My break was celebrated a little differently ... mouse hunt, painting family room, and for added fun the stomach flu! I now need a break from my spring break :)

Have a great weekend ~

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