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7:00 last night I was preparing to burn the midnight oil with Anna Katherine and Julius Caesar. (big History test)  Until, Mary Claire hands me a note. She needs a baby picture by tomorrow. To most mothers, this would be a 5 minute no brainer.  {Not I}  This is stressful... with a capital S. This picture has to be a good one... hanging in the hallway for all to see...after all it's what I do. I have a mountain of pictures! All stored in huge rubbermaid photo containers in a constant room temperature. However, they are in no chronological order what so ever. This could take forever!

 A few minutes into the search, I am surrounded by pictures of my first two children. l am quickly reminded, Mary Claire is the third child... a later in life third child. Most of her pictures are digital files... not printed images. This could take all night. Anna Katherine and Julius are waiting. Plus,  I was exhausted! 

After 15 minutes I find this one.

Perfect except for one small detail... it's her sister. 

They looked so much alike... no one would ever know. I tested the picture out on her daddy. "Jeff, Mary Claire needs a picture for school tomorrow. Do you like this one?" Barely looking up "Love it" "Are you sure. Look close. Do you think I need to pick another one?"  courtesy pause  "Nope, I love it."

So there ya go! Her own father can't tell. I wrap the picture, put a sticker with her name on the back, slide it in her book bag... mission accomplished. I'm tired, but off to explore Roman History!

My conscience gnaws... no one else may know.... but I know.  Should I be concerned with the quality of the picture or it actually being the child holding the picture? Would this end up being one of those awful mom confessions that would go down in history? 

10 pm and I'm knee deep in pictures. It only took about thirty minutes to find two pictures that will suffice.

* This was my first choice. Her teacher would agree; it certainly shows off her personality. 

Being the  good mother that I am... {wink} I sent this one. 
Today, first on the 'to do' list; 
print a stack of Mary Claire pictures.

Courtney said...

This made me laugh! You do always have gorgeous pictures. Cute story:)

Auralee said...

this brought some good laughter on Friday morning!!!!

Jo said...

You are hilarious! I would have done the exact same thing ~ why do we do this to ourselves? Love the photos but the one with her crying is just too funny.

Have a great weekend ~

bevy said...

Hello! We ALL have done that! ;)

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