Thursday, April 7, 2011

most wonderful time

If you hear Christmas songs coming from Cottesmore, it's our dog Charlie singing,
"It's the most wonderful time of the year."

The rabbits are in the house! I'm already having flash backs of  bunny season 2010When this and this happened...

We laughed at the box the pet store placed them in. Look closely;
"Snack food for dogs"
These guys start work today. We are praying for their safety and my sanity. Charlie is beside himself with excitement... and this is not a good sign.


bevy said...

We had two bunnies when I was younger. Somehow, they disappeared one day. Don't k ow whether you are familiar with Columbia, but I grew up right off of Devine St. Guessing those bunnies had a short life outside their hutch!

Virginia (Jenny) said...

I have chickens, bunnies, dogs, mice. Well, mice in a cage! lol. I LOVE the picture of the dog. We had one like that at one time. However, we invited some friends over and their daughter threw the dog in the air and he died of internal injuries. Broke our heart. :(

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