she's bonafide

A few years ago, I had almost a dozen (outdoor) cats. I was in a race with my friend Amy for 'crazy cat lady' status.  A dozen multiplying cats and my own profession of crazy, won me the title.
 Our friend Shannon on the other hand, is a bonafide crazy dog lady. She can't deny it. She won't deny it.  Here she is with five of her thirty canines.
I must mention that 'all' of the dogs are not hers. Shannon's husband Allan is the owner of Palmetto Gun Dogs. He trains dogs to do all kind of amazing things... like sniff out bombs,  specific drugs and big mean rabbits. It's pretty amazing.
I have called upon him several times for dog advice. As you may know, I have a rabbit / dachshund problem. Allan's advice, "Bring him a truck load of rabbits. Let him eat. He will tire of them." (a tuck load? He's kidding!) My husband's advice, "Dress a cat up like a rabbit. When it fights back, that will cure the dog." 
We kicked off our spring break with an evening of fishing in Shannon's backyard. The fish were biting!
 Just pure cute-ness! Beautiful shoe hunting Lab puppies.  
  Anna Katherine and Hamilton's shoe.
Next... Bennett's shoes
They met their match when they tried snatching Mary Claire's Mary Janes.

Charlie... new kid on the block.
Miss Darla... my favorite

Sara said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. You have beautiful pictures!! So talented!

I was reading the post about your sister's little boy vs. your "little" boy - Oh, the things I have to look forward to :)

lauren said...

a truck load of rabbits??? eeeewwwwww! and uh.. that is a lot cats. ;) butthose puppies??? sigh--- if only i wasn't already potty training so many creatures... ;)

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