sleep talking

Again, it has been a crazy busy week.  I have photographed two preschools, a dance studio, over two dozen private sittings and two large weddings... all in seven business days. My camera is begging for mercy. Thankfully I thrive on busy schedule!
Mothers who leave for work pressed and dressed before 7am...  hats off to you.

My lack of nighttime preparation led to a frantic Wednesday morning. I was racing to pack lunches, sign papers, press clothes, fix breakfast, plus I had to pack my car and completely dress myself before 7am... We were scrambling and it was my own fault.
During the rat race, I hear my husband calling from our bedroom;

"Heidi.... Heidi... Heidi..."

So much to do, at first I tried to politely ignore it, but the beckoning was getting louder and louder. Making that 'uuuuggghhh' noise,  I walked in the bedroom, PBJ in hand...
"Could you turn off the 
alarm clock?"  
 It's less than two feet away. Seriously? Seriously? I am going to chalk this one up to sleep talking. That's my excuse for not throwing the alarm clock in his direction. I didn't turn it off... I moved it a little farther away...and turned on the light. 
Later that day, he denies saying this... but he did.
Auralee said...

OMG - seriously? Jay would have gotten a nice cold water bath, LOL!!

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