flying high

Ahhh, the wonderful art of kite flying! I remember flying kites as a child... it was usually a very inexpensive, plastic kind of kite, that rarely lived an entire afternoon.  It mostly consisted of  throwing the kite up, praying for wind and then run-run-run-run with the kite hitting the ground behind you! If you were lucky and it did catch wind, the first tree and that kite was toast!  

We choose to fly our kites in the most perfect of conditions... on the beach. Very little effort needed to send a kite 500 feet. (yes, Anna Katherine sent hers the entire length of her spool)

 Where was Bennett while kites were flying... need anyone ask? That one track mind had only one thing playing... tide charts, bait, tackle, fishing, fishing, fishing and more fishing.
 Our night would not have felt complete without a few dozen cart wheels and handstands.
 Oh... and a few tortured posed pictures. 
 I need a few repeats of this picture perfect evening. Summer.... please hurry.

bevy said...

So ready to fly kites and just relax at both Pawley's and Edisto this summer. I so need it!!!

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