last day

 Exams have been taken, report cards have been issued, awards have been given, 

 tearful teacher goodbyes have been said,
dates with friends have been made,
teacher gifts and big thank yous have been said...
The school year has come to an end. 

No matter how well you prepare yourself, the last week of school is insane. Exams can make our home feel like a pressure cooker. I am reminding myself this stress will pay off in college.  We have been blessed with some of the most amazing teachers. In a small school,  it is a comforting thought to know your children will have them again! 

Homeroom mother chores also can raise the stress level. Class parties are orchestrated like small weddings (no pressure) One really neat thing is collecting for a class gift. $10 per student and Mrs. Guldan received a whopping gift certificate to Tj Maxx! All thing said, this mom breathed  a huge sigh of relief when the last cupcake was baked and phone call was made.

Hello Summertime! 

You go girl;  High Honors for Mary Claire

A shout out to Bennett; he made a 96 on his final algebra exam! 
Anna Katherine, superb job as always!

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