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It was a wonderful Mother's Day filled with VIP treatment, spontaneous hugs & kisses and precious home made gifts! My treasures included a flower pot, bird painting,  a Bennett created necklace, a basket full of AK goodies and a huge pot of Basil! But, nothing was a wonderful as spending the day with my family.
Then, it was off to the Smoak's lake house for the rest of the day. A few quick pictures before changing out of church clothes. 
Sweet precious memories. These days are fleeting, I sure wish mine were still this little. Soon to protest pictures; instead of squirming and wiggling... they will just be pouty and sassy.
Aunt Pammy was visiting. She is always a barrel of fun! 
All of the recent storms blew a random  paddle boat on shore. Still searching for the owners, Bennett decides to take it out for a test ride. This isn't a great picture, but after this shot, Bennett all but disappeared... fishing.
It was a great day for a boat ride. PaPa Gene even sported his 'fur' life jacket.
 We enjoyed passing friends... we thought the dog in the background a hoot. Mary Claire's words, "He's looks like a boat ornament' (and guess who forgot a change of clothes)
 Back on shore Mary Claire gets her summer short cut. 
 Aunt Pammy conquered her slimy fish fear. She reeled in those 'quarter pounders' all day.
PaPa Gene fell out of the hammock.
Daddy fell out of the hammock.
 Anna Katherine loves her baby boy cousin. Here she is giving the play by play on changing a very dirty diaper.

 It was 'the perfect day'
bevy said...

Great Mothers Day! I want to see Mary Claire's new "do"!

Brittaney said...

Thanks for checking out my blog.
You have a beautiful family! Looks like you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

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