smile, enjoy and play the game.

{Field Day}
The weather was beautiful, the kids were excited, the teachers were joyful  and the parents running the games were 97 degrees worth of hot. 

Mary Claire's first grade class is jam packed full of some the cutest kids ever made.  The first stop for field day... class picture before everyone is a hot mess.  Again, there were only about 15 parents taking this picture.
The entire lower school (first - fifth) patiently waiting for the festivities to begin. It still ceases to amaze me how well behaved these kids are... Did I mention I love the color of her class t-shirt!
First grade Indian chiefs... Lucy and Mary Claire
Mom's booth... the three legged race

Mary Claire and her very best friend Abby... She's quiet and reserved and living proof that opposites attract. But, like peanut butter and jelly... these two have been inseparable since 4k.
Building the class pyramid
The perfect first field day was capped off with popcorn, cool drinks and  a 'girls only' pool party!

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