team building I tell you

A night of grilling out, loving our family time and savoring this perfect weather. We sat down and enjoyed dinner on the deck... ALL 15 minutes of it before our kids scattered.  Again, savoring this rare mosquito-less southern night and not wanting it to end, Jeff and I decided we needed some down home entertainment. Our kids shall entertain us... For the sake of good parenting, we labeled it team building. 

We locked up the wiener dog (behind two doors), Jeff grabbed his guitar, I grabbed my tea and a telephoto lens, quietly opened the bunny cage, pulled up two chairs...and screamed at the top of our lungs...

 "Kids the rabbit's loose, HURRY!"
Knowing from past experience this animal could be in mortal danger because of our dog, kids flew from all directions... 
let the show begin.

Anna Katherine goes into sheer dramatic panic mode; ranting, fussing, begging God to help her. (If only I were in video mode!)
Mary Claire goes into her soap-opera like emotional roller coaster mode (nothing really that out of the ordinary)
Bennett... might as well have been on The Deadliest Catch. He went into the hunt to kill mode (tag football son, not tackle!)

 and last but not least... THE most important tool of all...
As well as my kids know the bunny catching drill, our rabbits know the bunny escape drill. The first place they hide, the playhouse. From the look on Bennett's face, this could be a nail biter.

A little pole dancing to pass the time away!
The kids... they looked, they poked, they planned, they pounded... they tried all of the tricks. (and all while barefooted) But, this year's batch of bunnies are so incredibly tame... they chilled out, unfazed by it all, eating grass under the playhouse. I've trained them well... Stay calm in all situations, they are professionals and it shows! {wink}
 His brother 'bunny number two' (I pray it's a brother) watched in anticipation. Being the professional rabbit that he is, knowing not  to move. Just stay still and eyes on the camera!
FALSE alarm, that's your sister!
This was the climax of our dinner and a show. The picture is blurry because I was laughing so hard. The kids were screaming, running, tripping, flinging baskets, blankets and nets... You could hear the dog frantically barking in the house because he kept hearing the word rabbit...It was sheer pandemonium! 
After an hour of evading his captures...

 Bunny was caught!
Safe and sound!
And in need of a nap.
Team Building I tell you! 
Team Building!

Clare said...

Love it! Your kids look like they are having a ball!

Sal-utations! said...

LOL! That cracks me up! I'm with ya on enjoying mosquito free nights. Why do those little boogers have to come out and ruin all the fun? :(

Steph said...

Love it, love it, love it! Those photos are a hoot!
I am with you on enjoying the mosquito free nights! We ate by the pool at my women's club meeting on Monday night and it was just gorgeous!

bevy said...

Love that you and your husband "created" team building night!!!

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