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Jeff and I have been saving up our date nights for quite sometime. Like Greenback stamps, our sheet was full. We decided to cash them all in, for long weekend in Houston, Texas. We happily packed up the kids and sent them with their Honey for a long weekend. Even though Bennett may not look it, they were thrilled to miss a day of school.  
 And the parents... thrilled to briefly check out of reality! Escaping busy schedules, emails, phone calls,  to do lists... and enjoy The Family Life Weekend to Remember Marriage Getaway. "Three decades of biblical research on successful marriages."  My opinion, It doesn't matter is you have a new or old marriage, good or bad marriage, it's about basking in God's word about your marriage. This conference was amazing and every couple needs to attend!

I am already a huge fan of "Family Life." So I was thrilled to find out Bob Lapine and Bob Horner (from family life radio) were daily speakers. I cannot  begin to say enough fabulous things about this get away. We laughed at the stories.  I cried at many of the movie clips. We both left  feeling a renewed presence of God in our relationship. There were over 1000 people attending this conference alone! Quite astounding and quite the testimony!  There are tons of locations and  dates. South Carolina will soon be hosting three get aways. 

Every couple should attend. I admit my husband at first was like, "Ohhh, can't we just go somewhere fun? We have a great marriage, do we  really have to attend 20 hours of conference time? This is going to feel like a work meeting."  At the end of the conference, he was gushing with praise for the Family Life team. We were sad it was over. Jeff (not me) decided this should be a yearly tradition. So friends, even if you must  drag your husband kicking and screaming... do so. It's so worth it and they will thank you in the end.

With limited free time, I was determined to make the most of every minute.  My Houston travel guide stayed in my purse. First stop...NASA. I couldn't wait! We hopped in our rental car, raised our geek flag and flew there immediately after landing. Oh and me saying,  "Houston we are clear for landing."  NASA did not disappoint. It was incredible.
I was awe struck by the size of this APOLLO rocket.
 Jeff... always the comedian asked NASA guards for directions to the 'parts department'
 The simplicity of the first manned rocket was just as stunning.
 Simple 'gas tanks'
We enjoyed lunch at Kemah Boardwalk  on the Gulf Coast. We must have said, "Oh the kids would love this... and this..." a dozen times.
Jeff was a good sport. I asked many 'safe' looking strangers to take our picture. (we got some doozies for sure, more on that tomorrow!)
The city reminded me of a small scale 'New York City'
The hotel obviously was chosen by a woman. It was right in the middle of a (Sandhills type) shopping mall. Surrounded by restaurants and stores! Plus it was called Sugar Land.  How sweet is that! The town square was incredible!
I discovered a new all time favorite. Fresh fruit flavored water. Every day they placed a new fruit in the ice water. Cantaloupe iced water... heavenly!
I must have commented on the town's name a dozen times. ~Sugar Land~ It was the home to Imperial Sugar. Which perked my ears and made me eager to find this factory.
 We're home, safe and sound, checked  back in to reality. Which is a happy place to be. Thrilled to see our kids and I am biting my nails to return a mountain of emails (a full inbox drives me nervous). Tomorrow I'll share the not so perfect pictures. We left with a renewed presence of God in our relationship, but also left with a renewed reminder that we could be the poster people for "Murphy's Law!" That's for tomorrow... Today it's work, work and more work.

bevy said...

I've heard so much about those weekends! Actually Mike and I are going to the Renewal Conference at Kanuga this summer - my aunt Laura Barr (Wilson Hall) is one of the coordinators and has been telling us over and over that we MUST attend. I can't wait!!!

Jo said...

What a fabulous weekend. My husband and I need such a weekend away ~ we have a good marriage but we, like others, get stuck in the rut of busy life schedules.:)

Have a great week ~

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