Big News (x4)

What does my sister have in common with this family of ducks?
{Drumroll please}
My little sister will soon have four 'little ducks' in tow.
Crys and Stephen are having another baby!
Aunt Giggle is pregnant!

 She has always wanted four children. We were all a bit shocked it was so soon. Her youngest just turned one. Naturally, we asked...

"How many more are they having?" 
Personally I think they will keep going until they have an ugly one... or a brunette... which could  be around 27!
 {baby Roger's confusing look... there's going to how many?}
We are thrilled to pieces! Crys is due around Christmas... so six more months and we will have another Smoak baby to cuddle! I can almost guarantee a blonde baby with heavy Smoak genes. They may not find out the sex... I hope not. I love a surprise. As for names... I feel sure it will be classic and  southern. Mostly likely a family name. We still have some nice ones to pick from; like Pancratz. I'm totally "laughing out loud.'  Seriously, I'm thinking Heidi would work nice with Smoak.  

And for Stephen, your favorite brother in law says, 
"you're the man!" 

Like arrows in the hand of a warrior
are the children of one's youth.
Blessed is the man
who fills his quiver with them!.
Psalm 127:
bevy said...

My cousin is getting ready to have TRIPLETS - and with a one yr old!!!

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