cheap cigar

So here we go... 
a week's worth of adventure stories and vacation pictures. 

We packed up two cars, three kids, a boat and braced ourselves for a long drive. Florida Keys here we come! 

 I'm going to leave out the part where my husband moaned and groaned about pulling our old boat on an old trailer over 600 miles with grinding breaks. Yes, my breaks were grinding. (I'll whisper...I told him my breaks sounded funny weeks ago. Funny and grinding sound the same to me.) He is a mechanical perfectionist and this was sending him over the edge. Luckily, we were driving two cars, so I only had to hear his moans and groans in short cell phone conversations.

Three hours later, in Graves fashion, our vacation is temporarily interrupted. Jeff couldn't stand it a minute longer. The breaks must be replaced now. I imagined this like a quick oil change. wrong. We tried a Goodyear. A reliable, safe place. They couldn't fix it until the next day.  Across the street we went. To 'Breaks for Less.' Sounded a lot like a 'The Dollar Tree' for car parts. 
 As you can imagine, this too unnerved my husband. He fixes everything. Our cars are rarely taken to a shop. 

But our family's safety was at risk and the ocean was calling and my husband was not going to relax until they were fixed and the guys at 'Breaks for Less' promised to have us in and out in about 4 hours. {gasp} We were at their mercy. And they knew it. 

Based on the other shop, Jeff guessed the rear breaks should cost around $350. Luckily we had a second car so off went...exploring the big town of Jacksonville. Thanks to this adventure, I'm now the proud owner of a Costco card!
 Did I mention a hub kept falling off the boat trailer?  No biggie... but a real biggie for my husband. Little boat made one step closer to it's trip with the Boat Angel. 
 Exactly four hours later, our car was ready. Grand total for the rear breaks: $800. {gasp} We never expected the advertised $99 deal. But this was astronomical. As Jeff put it,
"We were smoked like a cheap cigar."
Oh well, things happen... we were safe and sound and happy to be on our merry way. 

We made it to our goal stopping point. And thanks to the newest member of my family, I was able to immediately blog all about it... This guy is making my work life and by blog life so much easier. 

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