Decisions, decisions, decisions...
We have yet to decide on a summer vacation! We can even decide where it is we want to go... Beach? Mountains?  I would be happy vacationing at the Holiday Inn (in town) if included a maid and a cook. One that's name doesn't start with an {H} and goes by the codename Mom!

If I don't get planning, we might just go camping in our back yard. We'll use our imagination! Pretend we are in Yellowstone. We do have a big yard. And some neighbors who can often sound like wild animals.  (smile) Think I can pull it off?
Oh well... for now I'll smell the salt air through my computer screen.  Here's (a few) from our Spring Break trip to Edisto beach. These were taken at Botany Bay. (love that place!)
 Oh and I'm not featured in a single photograph... But while editing, I realized... You can see me in many shots!

 Forgot to switch my camera setting... cute to the mother of these children,  but a lighting nightmare!
 This is my son... easy to forget about him nowadays. When he is constantly dodging the camera. Here's my sweet boy carving, "I love my mom" in driftwood. Not really, I think he's just vandalizing.
 This picture is for my sweet sister. She's pregnant with baby number  four! Yesterday I compared her to a momma duck with four ducklings. This is the next 'pregnancy' picture I'm planning to use. It may take a few years, but I feel certain at this rate, they will have a flock of (blonde) birds at least this size. If not bigger. 

bevy said...

We'll be at Edisto in July!

And thanks so much for your sweet comments and prayers. I will be posting an update later this evening!

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