go gators

CCC's first swim meet was this week. It was on this  side of disorganized, but still a huge success.
(Bennett above)
Mary Claire did a fantastic job. She placed first a couple times, but the organization during the little kid races kind of threw us off. In one race she competed against a few 10 year olds. 

No apprehension for Liza this year!

Sarah Anne was like a tiny motor boat!
Anna Katherine cheering her baby cousin on!
Anna Katherine was on her game! 
Anna Katherine takes first place!
Bennett rarely came up for a breath, so once again, I am limited with pictures of my guy. He did great! First place all night!
One of the best parts of swim meets... catching up with friends!
Sweet Virginia Beth is one tough cookie! Swimming with a (healing) torn ACL.

Until next week!

Jennifer said...

I'll try to behave this week lol!!!

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