{HOT} book

Here in South Carolina, we are experiencing a severe heat wave. I’m not talking about the mid 90. Figuring in the heat index, it was 115 yesterday. That is hot. It's hot from the moment you wake up until around.... I don't think it ever cools. Exercising even at 8pm is brutal!  Swimming in the pool; also unbearable!  Thankfully we have had vacation Bible school every morning. After that, we find ways to occupy ourselves inside.  

Thank you God for air-conditioning! 
 I can’t even imagine.
{pictures from our Florida Keys vacation}
One way I have been escaping the heat and occupying my indoor free time is... with a GREAT book!  
by Laura Hillenbrand
 It was a recommendation from my fellow Sunday school teacher. She warned, "You can't put it down." Oh was she ever right. I can't put it down. I am only half way through, but I already know it will be an all time favorite!

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