please stand

Getting a good group photo during Camp Honey was pretty darn hard. In fact we only got one and my sister called me today to tell me the one was awful. My excuse?

The plan was always to put the baby in last minute. This scenario repeated itself throughout the week.

Please stand with Bennett for a group picture.
Please stand with Bennett for a group picture.
Stand with Bennett for a group picture! 
 ALL I WANT IS a group picture. So go!  
 Go stand with Bennett or 
get out of the group picture! 
Once again we have an incomplete group picture
Notice when given the opportunity to not have their picture made, who leaves. 
 The little one is so CUTE it's painful. 
And her big sister... good as gold. Notice she is the only one trying to follow directions the entire time.
Blogs can be deceiving. Life may have looked a little more perfect if I had only showed the last two images. 
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