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  Before I share a dozen photographs for the husbands and grandparents back home ~ First things first ~ Below is the only other picture of Bennett that will appear in this post. He is such a neat kid with quirks that endear him to my heart. He firmly believes ~ like roller coasters ~ water parks are unsafe.  Lazy rivers, slides, wave pools... according to my Jimmy ...all of them unsafe.  
I promised not to laugh if he wore a life vest. Jimmy was not amused.  So he sat. 
Not the ladies. They were full force.
Baby Roger loved the water... for about an hour. Honey to the rescue. She took Bennett to the book store, Roger for a nap and my camera home for safe keeping. Left with our Dollywood crowd, we stayed into the evening.

The kids especially loved the lazy river. 
 No objections from the grown ups... we were along for the (relaxing) ride.
The picture below mortifies me. 
Horrifies me.
With well over a couple thousand people in the park, half of them in the wave pool and virtually no lines for the bathrooms.
The germafobe in me was not-so-silently screaming in horror!
We had such a great time we planned a second day...
minus Bennett and my camera.

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