What's on tap for this week.... Camp Honey
A yearly tradition. My sister, my mom, no husbands and two car loads of kids head to the mountains. The kids start looking forward to our trip the minute we leave ~ the year before. We are staying in the same cabin that spooked us two years ago. So if things have remained the same, we will be paranoid, occasionally scared and there will be no internet. We shall see.

Some pictures from an awesome week at Vacation Bible School.
I taught a five year old class. Anna Katherine was a helper in with the four year olds.  Bennett was a fifth grade leader. Mary Claire just enjoyed every minute. She  sings her new songs day and night.
We got a teaser visit from our best friend Joe. We planned to vacation together in Florida, but Kelly went into the hospital the day before. We were heartbroken! The kids were thrilled to see Joe even if it was only for a couple days.
 My sister celebrated her birthday in the midst of being the snack leader.
A personal highlight... spending the week with my friend Kaycee. We request teaching together every year. Love that girl!  See out cute high school helper Savannah.
And ooohhh the kids
We had some unbelievably adorable little people. 
 There was never a dull moment.

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