just tell me

So we're watching Dancing with the Stars... and Mary Claire asks; 
  • "Is that one the guy-girl?"
 'Where' on earth has she heard this? My big kids were mouthing, 'not me!' Of course, questions persist. 
  • Is that one a boy?
  • Is that a girl in boy clothes?
  • I don't get it...
  • Was he born a girl or a boy?
Noticing the entire family was avoiding eye asks her siblings... I shot the ,"Don't you even dare look" just in time.

  • Momma. Answer me. _____ said that's a girl in boy clothes? I don't get it, she has face hair... Is that true?
Obviously Chaz Bono is a hot topic at the second grade monkey bars. But, okay... here's my answer... no hate comments please, I was purposly being vague and confusing.  

"He was a girl but decided he waned to be a boy. So he takes special boy medicine."

She cut through the chase... "Momma, JUST tell me. Private parts. What bathroom does he use?"

My answer... I have no idea. We changed the channel. I highly recommend, 'The Sing Off'

clare said...

I am so glad my kids don't watch or I am sure we would be having a similar conversation in our house. Kids that age really believe that their parents know everything so topics like this one are so tricky. Sometimes we as parents just don't know the right thing to say. I would have said that I don't know too. Because seriously, I really don't know.

Lauren H. said...

I watched his documentary on OWN called "Becoming Chaz". Very good. From what I got from the documentary, he uses the men's restroom, but still has to sit down, for Mary Claire :). Good luck with that one!

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