We're ready. We are set. Today is the big day. It's the State Swim meet. (28) schools will be participating in a (20) lane pool. It's going to be grand! And, I'm timing. Which means I get a front row seat to the action.

Last night we enjoyed a three hour dinner at Bone Fish Grill with the swim team (and the parents.) It was the perfect evening. I couldn't have special ordered a nicer group.  Luckily many will continue to year round swim.

And the coach, Mario. {the best} He is from Brazil with a master's degree in physiology. He trained the Olympic swimmer Cesar Cielo.  He is loved by all.

A few pictures from the swim banquet
Bennett is threatening us all... he wants to play football next fall. He sure is a great swimmer. We shall see.

Anna Katherine's award
"For super speed, just add water"
The new swimmers got the baby goldfish award.

Mary Claire... future WH swimmer.
But for now, she just enjoyed the chicken wings.

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