that's what i love about sundays

If I hadn't missed church, it would have been the perfect Sunday; a lazy day, fall weather and spending time with my family.  Saturday I photographed a wedding in Asheville (beautiful wedding by the way) and decide to sleep over at Honey's cabin. So, everyone made it to church except yours truly. As soon as I got home, we loaded up and went visit to PaPa and MaMa Ruth's house. Some highlights;

  • MaMa Ruth was recovering from hip surgery and looked fantastic
  • I laid claim on the big comfy chair... and stayed there all afternoon
  • Daddy made sure PaPa's hunting limo fine tuned 
  • Caught up with my sister-in-law
  • Bennett and Ryan disappeared in the woods for a bit
  • Anna Katherine and Mary Claire made a cardboard box look mighty fun
  • Bennett talked his PaPa's ear OFF... about guns and stuff
  • David was home from college, we got a quick visit... as in ten minutes. Life of a college boy :)
  • Mary Claire begged to take home Uncle Mike's dog... thankfully he said no

 Life is Good...
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