Why you gotta be so mean?

I awoke to a mean email, from a mean girl, who is mean to her husband, mean to her kids and now mean to me. At last, the neighborhood bully has noticed me; playing all alone in my yard. Guess it's my turn. All because I couldn't volunteer for a shift on a certain day at a certain time. {why} Because I am a WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER, those things don't budge. Good grief; and all before 6am. 
So... I drank a big cup of this and went on an extra long run. I sang Taylor Swift's, "Why you gotta be so mean?" the entire time. 

I wish I could dip all the mean people in Nutella. That would have to sweeten them up... at least a little.

Casey @ Classic with a Pop said...

Ahhh I just hate that! Why DO people have to be so mean? This nutella coffee looks amazing...do you just stir it in or is there a brewing/blending secret? :)

Marlowe said...

My husband and I were discussing mean comments from someone this weekend and I replied that if I'd irritated this person, I must be doing something right!

Your last post made me miss SC terribly :)

Brantley said...

Apparently the meanie has not gotten the message that sweet little Heidi is now packing heat! :)

Charles and Angela McCall said...

I do NOT like the idea of someone being mean to you!!


:) Angela

Jo said...

What ever happened to ... treat other how you'd like to be treated or don't say anything if you don't have anything nice to say?

Hope this finds you with a smile on your face after such a yummy treat!


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