full swing

The fall festivities are in full swing... I love it! This week we enjoyed the  school's Fall Festival. The year, the event planner is a friend of mine... can you believe she purchased 15,000 pieces of candy! The booths were not giving away one Snickers bar.... they were giving away hand-fulls of candy bars.  My favorite; checking out all of the precious costumes.
Bennett worked the Bounce House.

Roger loved... I mean loved the pony rides. He seemed to attract a large following of little girls.

Sarah Anne... not so sure at first... fell in love.

Our last year's  'Ghost Fishing' booth.
Sadly, Mary Claire is no longer loving the cupcake costume. "If one more person says they're going to eat me.... uuggh!"  She would much rather be dressed as a teenage hooch. My response; Unless you want to wear something from the dress up box... embrace the cupcake!

Then there was the craft tents... my kiddos LOVE a good craft. The drama teacher was demonstrating special effect make up.
The kids were lined up to get a bloody, gory finger; complete with real stage blood. {yikes}
As we celebrate Halloween remind myself and my kids;

Christ holds the “keys to death and Hades” (Revelation 1:18).  We can take comfort in the fact that Christ defeated death. Even the mere name of “Jesus Christ” can make evil shutter and even follow the commands of God. When Jesus confronted evil demons in the New Testament they were fearful and obeyed the commands of Jesus to leave the people they possessed.  Much of the outcry concerning Halloween comes from the fear of evil or welcoming evil into their homes or lives.  No one should go out and look for spiritual warfare, but we should take comfort in knowing that Christ has given us the tools to fend away evil: faith in God, scripture, the power of Christ, the Holy Spirit, fasting, and prayer.

bevy said...

Loved the last part you wrote... I shared it with my husband.

Also, love Bennett's belt. My J had his grandfather's belt cut down for him. He LOVES it.

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