no pressure

What are we doing this weekend, besides taking pictures, flu shots and yard work? Trying to think of a creative, mind blowing idea for the pumpkin contest. I'm not feeling it, creative juices please start flowing. It's  this Tuesday and my Anna Katherine, who is never ever competitive likes to win a contest. Here's last year's pumpkin that placed second.

 Look at these awesome pumpkins... no pressure.
Ideas anyone?

jen said...

OMG! This so reminds me of my grade school years. We always had a pumpkin contest every year and I actually won two years in a row. Some of my favorites I created were Smurf and Smurfette (which is actually popular once again), Raggety Ann and Andy (am I dating myself ), and Mickey Mouse and Minnie. For some reasons I liked to do pairs.
My kids don't have contests like this at school but they did help me make monkey pumpkins for my little guys monkey themed party today. They didn't come out too bad if I do say so myself!

Marlowe said...

I can't wait to see what you all came up with. Boy, that looks like a hard crowd to beat!

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