pumpkin contest

 I pulled into the school this morning, along side a dozen other flatbed trucks unloading pumpkin creations. ;) Anna Katherine never once, stopped smiling. That girl does love a project.

Thanks again for all of the wonderful ideas.  I decided to take Jen's advice and go with 'pumpkin twins.' Well, triplets. I combined the two ideas below, along with our name  and came up with our own big eyed mummy creations...
My goal on all projects is to spend about $20. If I allowed myself an unlimited budget, these pumpkins would stand life size... basically I would go nuts! Including the three pumpkins, spray paint, plastic glasses, mini pumpkins, gauze, black buckets and mini pumpkins.... I spent $28.

 I sprayed and polyurethaned the pumpkins before the kids arrived home.

 Used a little accelerated drying...
Swimteam, homework, dinner, dishes, baths; 
let the madness carving begin.
(and why do kids love making gang signs for pictures?  
 it's not a peace sign it's sideways.)

 In case you were wondering, YES! I do let the kids participate in their very own projects. It's hard ;) It's very controlled... Sounds something like:
"Cold, warm, warmer, warmer, HOT, HOT... glue there! Not there... THERE!"

Kidding of course.  They do their thing and mom fix tweaks all the details in the end. 
 Mary Claire still dripping from bath time.
And this... is our completed project.
Three Mummies in the Grayesyard
My OCD was pushing it's limits. I loved Mary Claire's mummy hair-bow. so her.
 At 11:00,  I'm twisting wire, adding a small last minute detail to Anna Katherine's pumpkin. Her mummy is wearing braces.

I just love seasonal crafts! Check out these super cute Halloween crafts for kids.

jen said...

How clever. . . . Love it! The details are amazing. The braces! LOL
Glad I am not the only one with control issues. Good Luck!

Erin said...

Seriously impressed. I LOVE the one wearing braces. Too. Cute. And the tweaking...I'm so guilty. Only a little, though. Ahem.

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