sky top

It's a yearly fall tradition. Our family heads to Sky Top Apple Orchard for a little apple picking... well, not a whole lot of apple picking takes place. We pick a few, eat a few, throw a couple, buy cider, caramel dip, apple slushies and then buy a bag of apples. It seems  there are a million types of apples, and we can never really figure out what's ripe and what's not. Most of our fun comes from walking the orchard and enjoying the view.

OK, this has to be my favorite picture from the entire trip. Not sure who this little guy is aiming for... looks like Anna Katherine.

Last but not least... BEHOLD; apple sauce doughnuts... so hot they crumble in your hands. I heard they were out of this world  {insert sad face}

Hespyhesp said...

I am so jealous right now! What beautiful country! I have some fond memories of apple picking when I was a kid, too. Gorgeous shots!

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